Boat Vitals


Boat Vitals

is advanced boat monitoring system designed to deliver near real-time

(configurable from once every 5m to once per 24h) information about the most important boat vital signs : temperature, humidity, bilge water, voltage of house and start batteries, wave height, boat movement and geo location.

You can order Boat-Vitals from our Facebook Shop or send a email to :

How it works  icon

Every device submits its data to Boat-Vitals tech centre. Customers can monitor the current values using any web enabled device. All data is displayed in charts for the day and history for up to two month. Map of boat locations and anchor monitoring is also available.

Once connected to the system it will work in every place with mobile signal or wifi or LoRa (

The cost is small initial charge for the device hardware with prepaid 5 year traffic and low cost yearly server access subscription.

Feel safe with the new advanced version which has built-in GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, mobile internet, voltmeters, wave size and magnitude of movement , bilge water , temperature, humidity etc.


With the new advanced module you can benefit from all types of connectivity available around and deliver the measurements to the server, including boat's exact geo position on a internet enable device or on your mobile phone over Bluetooth.


Available Upgrade(s)

  • Please use the Mobile Bluetooth(BLE) app to apply the upgrades:
    Tutorial : Video
    App Store : iPhone/iPad  Android

  • From #v3.20.1164 -> #v3.20.1178 (cutoff deep sleep improvement, optional voltmeter(s) support, voltmeter(s) calibration)
  • From #v3.20.1178 -> #v3.20.1199 (fix in WiFi Key/Pass set from Bluetooth Configurator)
  • From #v3.20.1199 -> #v3.20.1238 (Better Wave and Magnitude calculation, main threading model and BLE significantly improved)
  • From #v3.20.1138 -> #v3.20.1255 (Auto mode support for Reporting Interval - 1/2h when stationary and 5 min when moving)
  • From #v3.20.1255 -> #v3.20.1263 BLE Intermitten doconnect addressed.
  • From #v3.20.1263 -> #v3.20.1277 After a long period BLE stop advertising issues addressed.
  • From #v3.20.1277 -> #v3.20.1330 Intruder and Motion Alarms and r5 hardware support

  • Boat-Vitals now support V-SIM from Vodafone as option for third party SIM card. You just need to configure the following settings using the Boat-Vitals BLE smart phone app:

    APN :
    User: vodafone
    Password : vodafone


Alarms now added to the boat-vitals platform - Start/House battery banks , bilge water,  perimeter fencing and automatic anchor alarms are available to all boat-vitals customers.
New breed of automatic anchor alarm - the new advanced boat-vitals anchor alarm automatically recognizes whether the boat is sailing or is at anchor and can switch on/off the alarm. The anchor position is calculated based on the boat movement and the only thing that you need to choose is anchor alarm perimeter and switch it on and the alarm will notify you if your anchor drags or boat has moved outside the chosen perimeter. If you regularly use the same rod length then you do not need to touch anything - just drop the anchor and head to the town.. - if you want a detailed monitoring every 5 min after the first 30 min - just use the BLE app and set the reporting interval to 5 min - it will keep the reporting interval for the next 24h... 


#V3 is available for order!

House bank, Start bank, GPS position, Wave height and Magnitude of movement, Temperature and Humidity, Bilge water (up to 4 gauges for Cats and bigger boats), Quad band mobile connect(covering all countries), Auto transport switch (when WiFi or LoRa are available no mobile traffic is generated), Speed, Easy to use mobile/tablet Configurator UI over Bluetooth(BLE) - Android and iOS, Power safe mode ( the device go in deep sleep between data send interval and consumption is down to 10 µAh - in other words practically zero), Custom reporting interval ( from 5min to 24h - when the boat is racing or on anchor or when on the hard and you do not need data with high frequency), Auto reporting mode( the system recognise when the boat moves and report every 5min when stationary reports every 30min), Stop/Start tracking ( when you don't want to be tracked where you go), Cutoff ( preferred voltage level at which the device stop using power and go in deep sleep), Configurable Mobile operator settings ( in case you opt for own SIM card ), Configurable WiFI settings (in case you have wifi where the boat is and want to save from mobile traffic), Remote software upgrade, Configurable Device/Boat name

Boat Vitals

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Boat Vitals

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